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European Literary Text Collection (ELTeC) in TextGridRep (2021-11-22)

This is the project site of the European Literary Text Collection (ELTeC) in the TextGrid Repository (TextGridRep). The goal of adding the ELTeC to TextGridRep is to publish and archive this valuable set of corpora in European language and combine them with the technical possibilites that TextGridRep offers. Currently, we have imported 11 subcorpora of the ELTeC, one in each language with more than 50 novels.

Browsing the Project

  • You can [navitage to all objects of the ELTeC corpus with this link] (https://dev.textgridrep.org/search?filter=project.id:TGPR-d683fb0f-b71d-89fa-6678-61979ac32d0f).
  • You can [navigate to one specific language here] (https://dev.textgridrep.org/search?query=&order=relevance&limit=20&mode=list&filter=format:text%2Ftg.aggregation%2Bxml&filter=project.id%3ATGPR-d683fb0f-b71d-89fa-6678-61979ac32d0f)
  • You can [navigate through the editions of the ELTeC] (https://dev.textgridrep.org/search?query=&order=relevance&limit=20&mode=list&filter=format:text%2Fxml&filter=project.id%3ATGPR-d683fb0f-b71d-89fa-6678-61979ac32d0f)

In all these cases, you can always filter by language or author.


List of editions in each langague (edition.language:"[language]"):

Filtering through Specific Metadata of the ELTeC (Facets)

Because some specific metadata fields are relevant for the composition of the ELTeC, these have been incorporated as new features to TextGridRep. For this, the metadata in the TEI files incorporated in the TextGrid metadata fiels. Here are some possible queries:

  • timeSlot
    • [Look for all the works being written between yyyy and yyyy work.temporal.id.value:"timeSlot" AND work.temporal.value:"T3" (in ONE tag!)] (/search?query=work.temporal.id.value%3A"timeSlot"++AND+work.temporal.value%3A"T3"&order=relevance&limit=10&filter=project.id%3ATGPR-d683fb0f-b71d-89fa-6678-61979ac32d0f)
  • firstEdition
    • [Look for works being created in 1840 (work.dateOfCreation.value:"1840")] (/search?query=work.dateOfCreation.value%3A%221840%22&filter=project.id%3ATGPR-d683fb0f-b71d-89fa-6678-61979ac32d0f&limit=34)
    • [Look for works being created in 1910 (work.dateOfCreation.value:"1910") (/search?query=work.dateOfCreation.value%3A%221910%22&filter=project.id%3ATGPR-d683fb0f-b71d-89fa-6678-61979ac32d0f&order=relevance&limit=34)
  • authorGender
  • size
    • [Look for all works considered medium in their length (work.subject.id.value:"size" AND work.subject.value:"medium" (in ONE tag!))] (/search?query=work.subject.id.value:%22size%22%20AND%20work.subject.value:%22medium%22&filter=project.id%3ATGPR-d683fb0f-b71d-89fa-6678-61979ac32d0f)
  • reprintCount
    • Look for all works with a high number or reprins (as a proxy for high-brow literature) (work.subject.id.value:"reprintCount" AND work.subject.value:"high" (in ONE tag!))[(/search?query=work.subject.id.value%3A%22reprintCount%22+AND+work.subject.value%3A%22high%22&order=relevance&limit=10&filter=project.id%3ATGPR-d683fb0f-b71d-89fa-6678-61979ac32d0f)]

Of course, all these facets can be combined.

TextGrid Metadata Files

The basic metadata is covered by the TextGrid Metadata schema in Edition and Work metadata, all additional project specific metadata is covered by the metadata added to the works. Please see the following two examples:

Technically, there are two parts of metadata: Metadata that can be searched using facets, and metadata that cannot.

Further Internal Documentation

Example Project


Project ID: TGPR-d683fb0f-b71d-89fa-6678-61979ac32d0f


More and up-to-date issues please find in the project's Gitlab Issues

and in the Gitlab import project

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