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Project ID: TGPR-f5544495-e47d-4864-0646-5ec546981760

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The basic metadata is covered by the TextGrid Metadata schema in Edition and Work metadata, all additional project specific metadata is covered by the metadata added to the works. Please see the following two examples:

Edition metadata (XML)

Work metadata (XML)

Technically, there are two parts of metadata: Metadata that can be searched using facets, and metadata that cannot.

Search for Regular Metadata (Facets Possible)

1. language

Look for: edition.language:"eng"



2. timeSlot

Look for: work.temporal.id.value:"timeSlot" AND work.temporal.value:"T3" (in ONE tag!)

work.temporal.id.value:"timeSlot" AND work.temporal.value:"T3"

3. firstEdition

Look for: work.dateOfCreation.value:"2000"



Search for Project Specific Metadata (Simple Search Possible)

4. authorGender

Look for: work.subject.id.value:"authorGender" AND work.subject.value:"male" (in ONE tag!)

work.subject.id.value:"authorGender" AND work.subject.value:"male"

5. size

Look for: work.subject.id.value:"size" AND work.subject.value:"medium" (in ONE tag!)

work.subject.id.value:"size" AND work.subject.value:"medium"

6. reprintCount

Look for: work.subject.id.value:"reprintCount" AND work.subject.value:"high" (in ONE tag!)

work.subject.id.value:"reprintCount" AND work.subject.value:"high"


id value
work.temporal X X
work.subject X X


  • No editions shown under works: https://dev.textgridrep.org/browse/3t9mf_0 -> see https://gitlab.gwdg.de/dariah-de/textgridrep-portal/-/issues/105
    • TODO Ubbo: Maybe we need to run the "work-edition-item-connection" script more often (ewmd), should be automated!
  • Is the subject metadata mapping implemented also for collections? we only would need editons here, should we implement both?
    • TODO Ubbo/Max: Check if we have implemented both
    • Max: We have implemented that also in collections
  • How to search in general for 2., 4., 5., and 6.?
    • TODO Ubbo/Max
    • Max: What do you mean by "general"?
  • [work.subject.id.value:"authorGender"] is working, but [work.subject.id:"authorGender"] not
    • TODO Ubbo/Max: check the "value", do we really need it in the tgrep search? if not, mask it everywhere
    • Max: We need this! "value" is not a general reference to a value. In this cases "value" is the name of the field we want to search
  • [work.subject.value.value:"male"] not working, a subject tag problem? There is an error here anyway!
    • TODO Ubbo/Max: Check https://dev.textgridrep.org/search?query=%5Bwork.subject.value.value%3A%22male%22%5D&order=relevance&limit=10&filter=project.id%3ATGPR-f5544495-e47d-4864-0646-5ec546981760
    • Max: This doesn't work because of the second ".value". work.subject.value:"male" should work

More and up-to-date issues please find in the project's Gitlab Issues

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